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"Explore all possible avenues and don't blow second chances!" Adam B. Stem Cell Therapy Patient

My initial injury occurred about 6 years prior to my treatment. I had such extreme pain in my lower back that it kept me from doing physical activities such as running, playing with my kids or picking them up – pretty much anything physical hurt. Sleeping was a challenge and even driving in the car was a struggle.

I had tried every treatment option: chiropractic, physical therapy, massage therapy – you name it. Chiropractic care was only short lived because I didn’t feel a lasting effect. Physical therapy helped quite a bit but there was always that nagging pain that couldn’t be resolved.  I was only 30 years old and I didn’t want to go under the knife with a long recovery time. I am serving in the Army Reserves now after six years of Active Duty and an upcoming deployment overseas made it even more necessary that I attempt something that would negate the need for treatment so I could focus on my job.

I knew I wanted the least invasive and most natural treatment possible, and that’s why I sought Dr. Good at Virginia Spine Institute. He was terrific and took the time to hear my history and entertained all of my questions, no matter how off the wall they were. He ultimately suggested I try stem cell therapy because they help to repair and rebuild what is already there.

The minimal downtime and affordability, plus the opportunity for me to regrow what God intended me to have, was huge.

Dr. Good also did a great job of managing my expectations for stem cell therapy. It was a bit rough the first couple of weeks, sometimes the pain was worse than prior to the procedure but I knew that it would take time and I just had to follow protocol. Slowly but surely things got quieter and quieter in my low back. I would say I am probably 90% pain free a year after the procedure!

Stem cells have been a real game changer. Physically I can do more with less pain. Picking up my kids has been the best part of it all. The constant wanting for me to pick them up and the disappointment when I couldn’t is now followed with laughing and excitement. I have been able to get back to running and as a result I’ve even been able to get back to a healthier weight.

I would recommend stem cell therapy to anyone who has back issues – no matter how far gone you think your condition is, you should still try this treatment if you’re a candidate. It’s a no brainer, use what’s already in your body that is naturally occurring to do its job. I know it’s not the silver bullet for everyone but I’m sure a great number of people could benefit from it. Don’t wait, though! You won’t get better thinking you can manage the pain or that going to the doctor automatically means having surgery. You don’t have to have your back caged up in order to feel better. Explore all possible avenues and don’t blow second chances! 

Thank you to my team!