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"I have been able to complete marathons, half ironman race, and lower my golf score all without feeling any pain or discomfort." Bret K. Avid Cyclist & Competitive Triathlete


I was doing what kids do and fell from the top of a tree I was climbing. The initial symptoms I felt caused great pain, but I had no idea it was related to a back injury. I could still run and play sports. For a number of years I constantly dealt with what I thought was severe muscle strains or spasms in my legs.

Eventually every part of my life was affected. I basically couldn’t do anything for extended periods, including standing or sitting. I couldn’t ride a bike because the tucked position put incredible stress on my lower back. I could run, but after any distance over a mile I would have to ice my legs and back. My golf game was even impacted because the irregular curve caused by the shift in my spine had made it difficult to achieve a solid, consistent swing.

It wasn’t until I was in high school, playing on the golf team when my back actually “broke” according to the doctors, caused by the stress fracture that never went treated. On the 12th hole at Reston National I took a shot from about 95 yards out, and on my follow through, snap. Legs fell out from beneath me; I could not stand up or put weight on my legs for a few minutes. I immediately went to Virginia Spine Institute.

My surgeon had recommended a spinal fusion to fix my back, but before the surgery he instructed me to undergo physical therapy and work hard to get into peak physical shape to make the recovery go as smoothly as possible.

After the surgery, I followed My instructions for recovery to a “T” and came out of it with a healthier and stronger back.

Spinal fusion cured everything and more. I had always dreamed of competing in the Reston Triathlon. After my recovery I was able to handle the distance and training necessary to compete in that type of physical activity. Furthermore, I have been able to complete marathons, half ironman races, and lower my golf score; all without feeling any pain or discomfort. One of the best things that happened to me was meeting a nurse at the hospital who taught me self-meditation. I firmly believe that focusing on my self-conscious was a major contribution to my successful recovery. My surgeon even made the comment that my spine had healed far better than expected. I can’t think of a better experience than the one I had at Virginia Spine Institute.

I have recommended many friends, family, and anyone who complains of back pain to Virginia Spine Institute telling them it would be a waste to go anywhere else! - Bret K.


We are proud to have had Bret serve as the lead biker in the We've Got Your Back Race for Spinal Health two years in a row! 

Thank you to my team!