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"I cannot say enough to praise VSI for their expertise." Catherine C.

In early March 2016, I had back surgery at Reston Hospital Center in Reston, Virginia. Before having the surgery, I was in constant pain unless I was lying down. It hurt if I walked, bent over, tried to lift anything, or tried to do everyday household chores. I missed being outside working in our yard, planting things, and going for walks. I couldn’t bear the pain anymore so I started searching the internet to find a surgeon that could help me. I found Virginia Spine Institute. During my first appointment I had x-rays taken at the office and my medical team explained exactly where my pain was coming from. I have scoliosis that is pulling my spine in one direction, while three vertebrae were protruding the other way. Additionally I had deteriorating discs in between. My surgeon explained that surgery was my best treatment option for this condition, and thoroughly described each one and detailed what was involved. He asked me if I would be willing to go through them if I could get at least 50% relief from the surgery and I said “yes!”. Being 70 years old and a brittle diabetic of 46 years, on insulin pump therapy for the last 20 years, I knew that the longer I put this surgery off, the harder it would be for recovery and healing.

My first surgery was done from the front, fusing the vertebrae together. Then, two days later, rods and screws were attached from the back for stability and to ensure my spine didn't curve again. Following my stay at Reston Hospital Center, I was admitted to the Gretna Rehabilitation Center, in Gretna, Virginia, near our home. I was there in physical therapy for only seven days. I was doing so well that I asked the rehab workers if I was able to go home. They were so amazed at how quickly I had progressed and said if I would continue my therapy exercises at home I could. I was faithful to do as they said.

Before the surgery in September of 2015, I had attended my granddaughter’s wedding and was in so much pain that day that I had to bend over as I walked. When I was asked to dance in celebration at her wedding reception I had to refuse.

This July, I attended my grandson’s wedding and painlessly danced with my husband in that celebration!

I cannot say enough to praise Virginia Spine Institute for their expertise in the surgeries and the professionalism they show with all patients. I thank God very often for allowing me to locate VSI and feel privileged to have them do this surgery. Everyone on the staff at Virginia Spine Institute who worked with me was very compassionate and explained everything that my husband and I needed to understand. We were so impressed.

Recently I have heard of, and know of, some pretty sad stories of people who have not received the relief from pain with their surgeries at other locations. I will always recommend Virginia Spine Institute to anyone who has back pain. Our most humble 'thanks to VSI'!