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"Acupuncture was the missing piece to the puzzle of managing my pain successfully!" Craig F. Former Couch Potato

Successfully addressing my neck and back pain has been a battle for me since I am averse to surgery.  Utilizing multiple therapies to manage my pain has worked to varying degrees, but it wasn’t until I added acupuncture to my routine did I feel I had successfully minimized my condition.

What a pain in the neck, literally.  A few years ago I was diagnosed with having diminishing cartilage and bone spurring in my cervical spine. My pain varied from time to time and seemed to occur more during stressful times and during physical overexertion.  During my worst times I would be out of commission and couch-ridden, applying heat and ice, waiting for the pain to diminish.

Since learning of my condition, I have worked with Dr. Bharara and tried a variety of treatments to manage the pain in my neck.  I started with physical therapy, added a cervical traction device, and had oral pain medications.  Cortisone injections were also a therapy attempted.  While all of these therapies seemed to help my situation to varying degrees in the short term, I was never constantly without pain and my “couch-times” were inconsistent but still ever present.  Dr. Bharara suggested acupuncture as a next step to getting a hold on my pain.

Even though I was skeptical having never tried this treatment before, I am now a believer.  Acupuncture was the missing piece to the puzzle of managing my pain successfully.   Since adding this additional treatment to my therapy regiment I spend a lot less time in pain and rarely visit my couch other than to be the usual couch potato.  Once I spent a month consistently being treated by Dr. Nguyen, I now visit him monthly for an acupuncture “tune up.” I am now spending a lot more time without pain and my “couch time” is very infrequent.  I am pleased with the results.

Thank you to my team!