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"What neither my wife or me knew at the time is that [Virginia Spine Institute] would change our lives forever." Elbert B.

My story started in 2017 with low back pain and numbness in my legs. My journey began by going to an orthopedic surgeon in Manassas where I had several injections, but they would only last a couple weeks and then I would be back to square one.  I tried physical therapy for 9 weeks and experienced the same thing -- not a whole lot of relief. My next step was to go to a chiropractor which again felt great when I left, but after an hour of driving the pain was back. 

My family and I are originally from Pennsylvania and we love to go to sporting events in that area. The drive was very difficult for me as I had to pull over 2-3 times and walk around for a while to ease the pain. Eventually it got to the point where I couldn't do it anymore, and they had to go without me. Now that is depressing. I was an active person my entire life and then at the age of 49, I can't enjoy things with my family. 

One day my wife was in State College, Pennsylvania taking her mother to an orthopedic appointment when she read a magazine in the waiting room and saw an article about Virginia Spine Institute. She took a photo of the article and sent it to me. What neither my wife or me knew at the time is that it would change our lives forever. My first appointment at Virginia Spine Institute was in October of 2017 and when I met Dr. Good and his staff I knew I was in the best hands that a patient could be. He not only had the best bedside manner of any doctor I had ever seen, he gave you the time needed to evaluate your condition, explain it in layman's terms, and then get to know you as an individual to find out what makes you tick and what your goals are. He then will run tests to confirm all findings match one another, and only then, will he schedule you for surgery if that's what's needed for your condition.

My surgery was scheduled in February -- my condition was extensive so I had surgery on Tuesday and Thursday, but I was out of the hospital Friday evening. I spent one full week at home, and then was off my pain medicine only 15 days after surgery. 17 days after I was back to work, making an hour long drive and helping around the office doing whatever I could. Now, here we are 3 months after surgery and I am now pain free. Yes, PAIN-FREE! 

My family and I have already made it to several Penguins games and I'm doing what I love working in the field of construction.

All of this is accomplished by several things:
  1. Go to the best doctor you can regardless of cost (you cannot put a price on your health).
  2. Do everything they ask of you; walk that mile everyday regardless of how you feel. Only you can decide whether or not you want to be rehabilitated.
  3. Work hard at physical therapy, do the home exercise program, and rest assured you will be writing the next success story and thanking Virginia Spine Institute.

Thank you to Dr. Good and the staff at Virginia Spine Institute. We love you all!

Thank you to my team!