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"My main objective in overcoming back pain was to get back out on my boat and be able to handle the trolling motor free of pain." Francis S. Fisherman & Hobbyist

TRUE STORY: FRANCIS ACHIEVED HIS GOAL OF OVERCOMING BACK PAIN to return to his hobbies of boating and fishing

Francis recently came in for a follow-up appointment about four months post spinal fusion surgery. When his back pain got in the way of daily activities and hobbies that he enjoyed, he came to Virginia Spine Institute. His main objective when overcoming his back pain was to get back out onto his boat and be able to handle his trolling motor free of pain. Several injections and a surgery later, Francis strolls into VSI with a grin that lit up the room! He shared with us that just the week prior, he was on the Occoquan River, it was 6:00 am, the sun was rising, the leaves on the trees were breathtakingly gorgeous and to top it off it was a cloudless day. He was at the bow of his boat and flipped the motor and at that moment he was grateful for Dr. Schuler and the entire VSI team, for making that moment happen. {PS: he caught many fish that day!}



Congratulations, Francis! The entire VSI team is proud of your accomplishments and inspired by your success story.

Thank you to my team!