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"Dr. Subach went the extra mile to make sure I was pain free. " Jackie T. Active Mother

In October, 2014 I was doing one of the things I love – working out.  I was doing some high intensity training and came down from a jump and immediately felt something in my lower lumbar area pop.  Being the determined and stubborn individual person I am, I kept trying to push through workouts.  It was literally impossible and painful.  Initially, I wasn’t able to get out of bed without rolling out, put my shoes on without assistance from my husband, and pick up my one year old son.  The condition seriously affected me emotionally and physically. I am a coach and a health and P.E. teacher.  I enjoy being active.  Exercise is therapeutic for me and keeps me happy.  I slowly started to gain weight and became depressed as I wasn’t able to lead an active lifestyle like I was accustomed to.  Also, not being able to play with my son was very disheartening. 

I knew it was time to seek treatment when I realized that enough time had lapsed and I still wasn’t functioning at my normal capacity. I finally broke down about 6 weeks later and made an appointment with a local orthopedic to determine if the way I was feeling was going to be a permanent thing.  After I realized that my injury was more serious than a “pulled muscle” in my lower back I sought treatment from Virginia Spine Institute. I met with my surgeon and he immediately confirmed that I had a right paracentral disc herniation in my lumbar spine. I had already tried injections and physical therapy at another facility and knew surgery was my next option. In June I underwent a microdiscectomy and when I woke up, the pain was gone! I feel like I have a new lease on life!

My experience at Virginia Spine Institute was wonderful. The staff is amazing.  They spent as much time as needed to answer all my questions and made me feel as if I was the only patient and would go the extra mile to make sure I was pain free. They were honest and up front with me and didn’t sugar coat anything. I knew what had to be done when I left the office to get to the other side – pain free.  In addition, they were vested in my emotional well-being. The emotional health is a huge part in the healing process.  They were very intuitive to my needs. 

My advice: Seek top-notch care for any kind of spinal injury.

I would recommend Virginia Spine Institute for these services as they are the best. Also, be patient with the healing process and realize it doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a journey – but celebrate every milestone because you WILL come out on the other side feeling better. It wasn’t easy, but well worth it.