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"Ask anyone around me and they can see a huge difference in my posture and a general way of carrying myself, free of pain!" Jazmin M. Horseback Rider & Student


I tried not to let my symptoms take too large of a hold on my life. Although I endured stiffness and pain doing things I loved, I carried on through it and did not give it much thought. The first symptoms I felt consisted of pain, starting from my back which continued and caused severe pain in my shoulders and lower neck. I mainly experienced it when standing straight after a very short period of bending over or even just typing on a computer. Unfortunately, the pain would even occur when riding my horse.

For a few years I dealt with the stiffness until finally it came time to see a specialist. The pain I experienced was not the initial reason my family and I chose to seek treatment. For years I had off-set ribs and never realized it until my grandmother pointed it out as I bent over to pick up a t-shirt one night. She showed my mom an area that appeared as a mass, where it was clear something was out of place and causing my body to appear deformed when bent over or 

viewed from the side.

A friend of the family introduced us to VSI after seeing a local doctor who did not impress us. My diagnosis was given as scoliosis, both in the thoracic and lumbar region.

Prior to Virginia Spine Institute, I had gone through physical therapy. After visiting Dr. Good, the first step was trying injections mixed with the physical therapy to take down inflammation in my facet joints.

When therapy and injections did not work, talk began about the possibility of surgery. For me, being an avid horseback rider with a busy student schedule, it was my best option for a long term fix; especially wanting the future occupation of a Veterinarian. I wanted to feel comfortable doing things I loved, spending time with family and friends, and participating in other passions like baking and assisting the athletic trainer in a group of student trainers for our high school’s sports teams.

The final decision was made and rods were aligned on either side of my spine to straighten the thoracic region on June 11th. A chance was taken and it worked. By straightening the top portion by operation, my lumbar region began straightening itself. Although I have not been able to ride my horse yet (one month to go), I am positive that this surgery will prove successful and get me back in the saddle comfortably thanks to Dr. Good. In my everyday life I can comfortably do everything I want and need to accomplish. It is truly amazing. Walking the day after surgery was the best feeling in the world. I didn’t experience near the pain anyone thought I would, even from the surgery itself. My experience at the Virginia Spine Institute has been truly unbelievable. The staff is absolutely phenomenal and they definitely take everything in account for the patient’s sake.

For anyone experiencing back and/or neck pain I would say:

there is no reason to be fearful. Ask anyone around me and they can see a huge difference in my posture and a general way of carrying myself; free of pain! You will never know until you try, as many people say; and being pain free is definitely possible!

- Jazmin M.

Thank you to my team!