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"Virginia Spine institute is the best place to solve any and all back problems!" Jeremy R. Collegiate Football Player

We recently caught up with football star and Spinal Champion, Jeremy R. to learn more about his three year journey suffering from low back pain which, over time, increased and sidelined him from competing at a collegiate level. To give the Jeremy the best chance to play football again, he underwent a stabilization surgery called Anterior Lumbar Interbody Spinal Fusion (ALIF), staged with posterior instrumentation and fusion at L4/5.

Hear more about through Jeremy's perspective:

What advice would you give someone else with your condition?

Do not go to anybody else in the country!!!! Virginia Spine institute is the best place to solve any and all back problems.

How long did you experience symptoms before you decided to seek treatment?

I have been experiencing low back pain for around three years and the pain became too much to bear and I had to seek help.

How did your condition affect your life?

Football was everything to me, and because of my back problem many doctors said I would never be able to play football again and I was beyond devastated.

How has your treatment changed your life?

The specialists at Virginia Spine Institute acted very quickly and we created a plan that would allow me to continue playing football the following season. Six months post-operative and I am on track to get back on the field to play August 1st!

How was your experience at Virginia Spine Institute?

Amazing! Everybody from the check in desk to the check out desk was very helpful.