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"Everyone I have come into contact with at Virginia Spine Institute is CARING, UNDERSTANDING, and they LISTEN" Joan D. Competitive Ballroom Dancer

I was in and out of hospitals for 40 years. Before coming to Virginia Spine Institute, doctors never believed me when I told them how much pain I was experiencing. The pain in my shoulders and neck had gotten so bad I knew I needed to seek treatment. I went to another doctor prior to coming to Virginia Spine Institute and they had me go through many treatments including muscle relaxers, physical therapy, neck traction, and spinal epidural injections. I experienced no relief and they told me that they couldn’t do anything for me.

I had a busy life. I competitively ballroom danced but even this became impossible because of my pain.

Christian, my youngest grandchild, became my part time “love” interest. I was his live-in nanny for five months and then I started to care for him just two or three days a week. Because of my pain and my inability to drive I started only seeing him occasionally.

I even had to resign from all of the ministries in my church. I also loved to go on cruises. MY LIFE STOPPED!

My son-in-law told me about Virginia Spine Institute. I finally called and made an appointment. I thought, “here we go again – more doctors – more pain – no one to believe me.”

What a wonderful surprise! Virginia Spine Institute’s staff was warm and welcoming. They LISTENED to me.  I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease at multiple levels in my neck and I had a disc herniation causing spinal stenosis. It was clear I needed surgery. I needed several levels in my neck fused, which resulted in a anterior cervical discectomy and spinal fusion. I was afraid because I expected months of pain after surgery. Every night leading up to surgery I cried.

Surgery day came and it was completely different than what I expected! The anesthesiologist listened to my concerns and the doctors came up with a schedule of medications that indeed controlled most of my pain. Everyone was wonderful. I also have been wearing a bone growth stimulator after surgery to promote bone healing! The doctors, staff and everyone I have come into contact with at Virginia Spine Institute is CARING, UNDERSTANDING, and they LISTEN.

if you are in pain, see them. They are angels on earth working to relieve grief, pain and agony.
- Joan D.