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"I am the mother, wife, friend, employee, co-worker that I use to be because of Dr. Bharara!" Kimberly A.

What does Virginia Spine Institute (VSI) mean to me?

EVERYTHING! They gave me my life back. I am 42-years old and for over 10 years I have suffered from neck and back pain, and migraines (at least 3-4 a week). Before arriving at Virginia Spine Institute, I was told by other doctors that I could use a TENS unit, undergo surgery, or try steroid injections (mind you I am allergic to steroids and have told all doctors I see about this). Nothing seemed to work or helped with my pain. I felt like I was going in circles. I felt that no one was listening to me.

Then, a friend recommended Virginia Spine Institute and told me that I would be treated well. I saw Dr. Schuler and he was truly amazing! He spent at least an hour with me upon my initial consultation reviewing my MRI “with” me and showing me why I was having pain. I had never been treated like I was the only patient that a doctor had before, Dr. Schuler. I was diagnosed with a cervical disc herniation and cervical spinal stenosis. We discussed surgery but as a very last resort and we would first try methods of non-operative treatment and pain management.

Next, I was referred by Dr. Schuler to their Pain Management Team (conveniently located in the same facility). The doctor I saw was wonderful and treated me in the same manner doctor Schuler had. He listened to me and cared about my well-being. I underwent Botox injections for cervical dystonia and this was the first time that I had remotely been out of pain in over 10 years. This particular doctor ended up taking another position so I was saddened but then, came the best thing that ever happened to me; Dr. Bharara joined the Virginia Spine Institute Pain Management Team. Knowing how professional the entire team was I was sure that he would be great but I really did not expect how great he really was! Within two visits, he had me migraine-free with Botox injections. It was unbelievable! As a migraine sufferer, you can’t imagine what true appreciation and admiration I have for Dr. Bharara. Dr. Bharara is exactly what a pain management doctor should be, patient, kind, great bed-side manner, smart and he truly makes you feel as if you are his only patient. Do you see a theme here?

Dr. Bharara has brought me back to “my old self” again. No words could truly express how much admiration I have for Dr. Bharara. I am the mother, wife, friend, employee, co-worker that I use to be because of Dr. Bharara. Thanks to Dr. Bharara, Dr. Schuler, and the team at VSI, I am currently living a pain managed life. There would be days that I couldn’t get out of bed with migraines. Now that I get out of bed each and every day and know I will feel good thanks to VSI!

This is most professional and wonderful team of people I have ever met. I cannot let this testimony end without sharing with you that ALL the staff at VSI are caring, lovely, and truly want to help.

Virginia Spine Institute has changed my life. They are the greatest medical practice I have ever been to!

- Kimberly A.

I don’t fear going to the doctor anymore because of how everyone and the team at VSI treats me. If at some point down the road I do need surgery, I would not trust anyone but Dr. Schuler and the doctors at VSI. Thank you doesn’t seem like enough for a team of doctors that has taken someone who would be in bed three days a week (or more) from pain to hardly any pain at all. My children have their mother back! 

Thank you to my team!