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"I am so fortunate to be independent again and to have the ability to help others instead of being helpless." Linda C. Kindergarten Teacher & Devoted Mom

TRUE STORY: LINDA CAME TO VSI FOR A SECOND OPINION, UNDERWENT A TLIF AND IS NOW BACK TO touching the lives of children as a DEVOTED teacher and mother


Prior to back pain, I led a busy lifestyle as a single mom to an eight- year-old daughter and worked full time as a kindergarten teacher. In my spare time, I enjoyed volunteering to assist adults with special needs and staying active by participating in my favorite interests; camping, kayaking, and motorcycling. Then one day, I had such excruciating pain in my legs and back. Then the day came when I was unable to work. At that time, I  was taking courses to advance my career and become a Principal. I had to drop out of my course work until I could get my pain resolved. What was even more crushing, I was in the process of adopting a child and was unable to pursue the process due to my consistently severe pain. With all things considered, I was both frustrated and scared. Lying in bed day after day staring at the ceiling was not the lifestyle I was used to. 

After seeking several local opinions, the overall consensus was that I had arthritis. After several dead ends and lack of solutions I began to do my own research and discovered Virginia Spine Institute. 

From the first phone call I knew this was the right choice…even though it was an 11 hour car ride away.

- Linda M.C

In March Of 2011, Dr. Christopher Good Performed An Innovative Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion (TLIF) Procedure, Because As It Turns Out My Pain Wasn’t Caused By Arthritis. My Diagnosis Was Instability Of My Lumbar Spine At L5/S1 Due To Spondylolysis And Spondylolisthesis. Immediately After Surgery The Pain Was Gone! I Felt No Post Surgery Pain And Was Able To Eliminate My Pain Medication.

Since My Surgery, I Have Adopted My Second Child And I Am Enjoying An Extended Leave To Be Home With My Family. I Also Successfully Trained {Pain Free!} For A Tri-Triathlon; Where I Competed In An 800 Meter Swim, 5K Bike Ride, And A 2.5 Mile Walk With My Daughter. I Am So Fortunate To Be Independent Again And To Have The Ability To Help Others Instead Of Being Helpless Myself. I Didn’t Give Up And Now, I Am Myself Again!




Thank you to my team!