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"I think I’m doing better than my neighbors with knee replacements!" Lynne L.


I was having a lot of pain in my shoulder, so much so that my daily life was limited. I couldn’t use a hair dryer or cook. The highest I could raise my arm was to hip level; it was that bad. My Oncologist referred me to Virginia Spine Institute (VSI). It was determined that I was suffering from a rotator cuff tear. I scheduled with VSI’s Pain Management group for steroid injections into my shoulder and simultaneously started physical therapy at Virginia Therapy & Fitness Center. They are all within the same office. My pain levels improved drastically with the combined treatments of injections and physical therapy.

Nearly a year later, I started experiencing excruciating pain in my knees. I was in agony. Getting up, standing, and walking were almost next to impossible. I couldn’t sleep the pain was so bad; I even started using sleep aides to help me get some rest. I relied on my husband to help me with everything. I came back to VSI to see what could be done for my knee pain. Knee replacement was contemplated, but I really didn’t want to undergo another operation. I’ve had plenty of surgeries over the years and that wasn’t the ideal option for me. I saw Dr. Bharara and was just so impressed with him. He is so kind and has a great bedside manner. We tried steroid injections that had worked so well in my shoulder but unfortunately the relief didn’t last. Dr. Bharara was determined to find the right treatment option for me - I underwent a series of non-steroidal injection. This time the injection comprised of a synthetic material that mimics the function of cartilage called Supartz. My fingers were crossed. If it did work, I could have this type of injection more frequently if needed, unlike steroid injections that can be more limiting.

I can stand and walk now. I can do all of that now. I bless him every day. I think Dr. Bharara is just fantastic. Let me just say I have seen a lot of doctors and been to many hospitals and he is truly exceptional.

I feel like a different person. In fact I think I do better than my neighbors who have had knee replacements! Everyone sees a difference in me. I want to spread my success to anyone who wants to listen!

Thank you to my team!

  • Dr. Bharara - Pain Management Specialist
  • The Team at Virginia Therapy & Fitness Center