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"All of the doctors and staff at VSI genuinely care about your progress and want to see you succeed!" Marley R. Competitive Runner & Triathlete


I have struggled with lower back pain my entire life, especially in the last 10 years. I am an active athlete and have played sports since I can remember. At times my back pain has prohibited me from participating in the activities I enjoy.

I am an avid runner and triathlete and when my back flares up I can barely move without feeling some sort of pain. I am constantly in motion so this setback causes my lifestyle to change dramatically. Not only can I not participate in the sports I love but I also cannot do chores around the house, travel in the car and do a host of other things (I can now typically do without pain on a daily basis).

I started seeing Dr. Christopher Good about five or six years ago after I ran a race and injured my back. The pain in my low back was ruining my quality of life and I was only in my 20s at the time. I felt hopeless and scared, because even when I would rest in bed the pain would not subside. I knew I needed to find a doctor who would help me in both the short and long term. I had seen other doctors before that time for back pain but they were not helpful. It was frustrating trying to find the proper treatment and a doctor that was willing to take the time to learn more about my back problems or even cared about improving my condition.

Dr. Good recommended Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment in March 2013. The day of the PRP treatment his assistant asked me if I wanted something to squeeze to calm my nerves or ease the pain during the procedure and he said, “Marley is tough. She’s a runner and we’re in this together for the long haul.”  I have not had back pain since that treatment (knock on wood). As a result of the treatment; I am running again and just finished the Nation’s Triathlon in September. I have some bad days every now and again, but for the most part the treatment (and my consistent physical therapy exercises I do at home a few times a week) have made all the difference in the world!

I know my back issues are far from over and it will be something I deal with throughout my life, however, it is a tremendous comfort to me (and my family) to know Dr. Good’s support is there for me if and when I need it. I think all of the doctors and staff at Virginia Spine Institute genuinely care about your progress and want to see you succeed. They also realize that if you have a diagnosis that will impact you for the rest of your life, like my diagnosis which is degenerative disc disease, that they will be there for you not just today but in the future. It is their job and their passion and they take it very seriously. It is nice to know I am in good hands!

Thank you to my team!