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"If in the future I need surgery, I have a surgeon who I'm confident can fix me!" Michael C.

From the first day I walked into Virginia Spine Institute with severe neck, back, and arm pain, I felt that the professional VSI team provided me with outstanding care, detailed information regarding my condition, and unprecedented service from the front desk, to the doctors, and to the billing department. I will recommend VSI to anyone suffering with spinal issues!

As for my personal status, what a difference a week can make! I saw Dr. Nguyen on a Monday, scheduled an injection for Tuesday, and by Thursday I was pain free, with only slight numbness in my right hand. By Saturday all of that numbness had also done away! I’ve been dealing with this pain and numbness since June, and I had forgotten what pain-free felt like. I like it! Thank you to the VSI team for taking care of my symptoms and pain. I also know this may not be the long term solution, and that one day I may require surgery. If I do, I’m content and happy in knowing that Virginia Spine Institute will be performing the surgery. From the beginning they have explained what was going on with my neck and spine, and knew exactly what the issue was that needed to be fixed. Fortunately, I got the best of both worlds – relief from my symptoms and pain without surgery! If in the future I do require surgery, I have a surgeon who I’m confident can fix me!

I want to personally thank the entire Virginia Spine Institute team! 

Thank you to my team!