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"I ran all 26.2 miles of the NY Marathon on November 2, 2014 - without stopping, and pain free!" Paul W. Marathon Runner

Dr. Schuler and Thao are incredible! I ran all 26.2 miles of the NY Marathon on November 2, 2014 - without stopping, and pain free!! 16 months ago Dr. Schuler fused my L4-L5 vertebrae in an emergency surgery. At the time, I was on a non-invasive route to recovery that Dr. Schuler and his Physician Assistant, Thao Allen patiently discussed with me and my family. When my disc unexpectedly ruptured, the VSI staff calmly scheduled the surgery with my wife. While rehab isn't easy, my hard work and that of VSI and their therapy team made what I thought would be impossible, possible ... a deep, comfortable, bend 16 months later to let the Marathon staff put a finisher's medal around my neck. Thanks, guys for changing my life!! What an incredible journey.


Paul has been receiving treatment from Virginia Spine Institute over the past several years for back pain. Nearly a decade ago he needed a microsurgery for a disc herniation and did well for many years before seeing us. His initial treatment with us involved physical therapy, medications and perfecting a spine-healthy fitness program. He ultimately required emergent surgery from a disc herniation and had an ALIF, anterior lumbar interbody fusion, with decompression. His leg pain resolved fairly quickly after surgery and at his six month visit he was pain free, back to working full time without limitations and even back to a high level of skiing! With the NYC marathon goal in sight, he teamed up with Jaison Alderman, one of our skilled manual physical therapists, to optimize his training and spine health. We are so proud of his recent marathon accomplishment, overall recovery and ability tor reclaim his life. 

Thank you to my team!