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"The doctor listened to me, worked with me, and never dismissed my pain. " Petra K. Harley Davidson Biker

Eight years ago, after many visits to many different facilities, I was fortunate enough to have been introduced to Virginia Spine Institute.

I had been experiencing chronic back pain for quite some time, but doctor after doctor ignored what I was telling them and refused to take me seriously. All I ever heard was that I was too young for serious back issues…..take arthritis pills and call me in six months….. I was frustrated, miserable, and exhausted from the constant pain.  

I have a passion for Harley-Davidson’s and live to ride my ’93 Softail FXSTC Custom. I even work for the company.  The pain had become so excruciating, I could no longer ride. Additionally, my job managing the dealership showroom floor was greatly affected because I was no longer able to move bikes or lift heavy leather jackets and riding gear in order to assist my customers. I had slowly pulled back from any social activities, from my love of running, riding, or musical performances, and could barely get through a day at work. I was so lethargic from never sleeping, and constantly having to work around the pain. There were mornings I woke up and just cried. It was depressing, slowly being removed from a once very full, fun, active life.  

vsi listened to me, worked with me, found the issues, and never dismissed my explanations of pain and how it was affecting my quality of life.

Thanks to the ‘magic’ of the entire staff at Virginia Spine Institute, I am ‘back in the saddle again’! I'm riding to work every day, working the dealership floor, and helping my customers with their bikes and riding essentials so they can achieve their own Harley-Davidson dreams. THANK YOU VSI for giving me my life back!! And, for all my fellow riders out there, keep the shiny side up! 

Thank you to my team!