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"I could never truly express the impact Virginia Spine Institute made on me, my family, and my life." Philip G. Father of three

I am the  father of three active children and I have been a baggage handler at a major airline for over 20 years. With all of the lifting, bending, and climbing in and out of airplanes, aches and pains come with the job. My family life sometimes suffers from "Grumpy Dad" when my back hurts.

One day, a work injury caused numbness and tingling from my waist to my toes as well as localized lower back pain. I knew this was different from the standard aches and pain. Ice, heat, and over the counter medications were not working. I met with my employer's doctor and had an MRI and learned surgery was inevitable. After meeting with a surgeon and learning about the necessary procedure and long recovery time, I looked for a second opinion. As luck would have it, my wife knew a surgical nurse that worked at Reston Hospital Center who strongly recommended Dr. Christopher Good at Virginia Spine Institute. I scheduled an appointment with him and learned of another surgical option -- a 2-step procedure that would have a much shorter recovery time. Dr. Good was very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions - I left the appointment with complete confidence. 

I underwent a spinal fusion in my lower back to stabilize the discs and decompress the spinal cord to relieve the pain I was feeling. I was well prepared for what I should expect post-op and in physical therapy. After just 4 short months, I was back to work, full duty and pain free. The staff at Virginia Spine Institute couldn't have been more kind and professional.

Several months later, my family and I relocated to San Antonio, Texas. I flew back to Virginia for my 1 year post-op appointment and because of the success, Dr. Good removed some of my hardware in a follow-up procedure.
I am pain free and feel like I can continue my job for another 20 years. More importantly, Dr. Good gave me my life back. I can get down on the ground and wrestle with my kids again. No more "Grumpy Dad.
Thank you Dr. Good. I am forever grateful. I could never truly express the impact you made on me, my family, and my life.