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"My wife found the best back surgeon in the business, Dr. Thomas Schuler" Quinton M. Certified Personal Trainer & Competitive Bodybuilder

I first hurt my back in 2005 while on active duty in the US Navy serving a tour in Iraq as a Fleet Marine Force Hospital Corpsman. The injury immediately changed my active lifestyle of sports and weight training into a constant battle with pain and discomfort. I was barely able to get out of bed and tie my own shoes in the morning. Soon after I got out of the Navy, I started my passion of competitive body building and personal training. I endured year after year of medication and failed physical therapy attempts as I tried to push through the bouts of back flare ups and sciatica pain. Two years ago while training for a bodybuilding show, I had a episode that produced devastating leg spasms which resulted in my entire right leg being weak, numb and useless. That's when I decided to finally have surgical intervention. My wife found the best back surgeon in the business, Dr. Thomas Schuler. After my initial consult with Dr. Schuler, I knew he was my guy to perform the procedure. Dr. Schuler's history of successful surgical procedures that resulted in numerous professional athletes returning back to there field of play in record time, was a major decision factor for me. After exhausting many non-operative treatment options, Dr. Schuler performed a discography, which is a diagnostic test to assess which discs were causing the pain. He then diagnosed me with lumbar segmental instability and spinal stenosis. Six months after my minimally invasive surgery, Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion (ALIF), I was back on the competitive bodybuilding stage for my first show in the pursuit of obtaining my IFBB Pro Bodybuilding Card! Thanks Dr. Schuler you're the man!!!!!! 

Hard work, dedication and consistency always pays off with the will to never give up no matter what obstacles get in your way is the key to success. 

- Quinton M., CPT

Thank you to my team!