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"I will always recommend Dr. Good and his team at Virginia Spine Institute. " Salvia G. Competitive boxer

I first started experiencing neck and upper back pain in high school, although, like most people, you ignore and continue on with sports and other aspects of life.  When it became more regular, I tried the entire gambit of treatments from chiropractic, traction, acupuncture, pain relief rubs/creams, muscle relaxers, etc.  I even went so far as to have cortisone spinal injections to help relieve some pressure.  While everything felt great, nothing made the problem go away.  It wasn't until late June 2017, when my entire right arm and upper back went numb, that I knew I could no longer manage this pain anymore.  It was unbearable.  I researched spinal surgeons in the area, looking for a consultation and made an appt with Virginia Spine Institute.  When I met with Dr. Good and his staff, I was extremely impressed by level of care they took to listen to what was happening, collectively suggesting a treatment for me and answered every question I could possibly think of.  It was an immediate decision to have the procedure done, which was a hybrid operation involving 2 artificial disc replacements, and fusing one level in my neck. This procedure ensured I still have mobility in my neck while stabilizing an area that was insecure.  

Admittedly nervous, the staff guided me prior, during, and following the surgery.  Dr. Good has incredible bedside manner and the surgery was fantastic.  I cannot believe I waited over 20 years to do this.  I was always active, even was a competitive boxer, so the ability to be back to the gym, with the level of workout intensity I enjoy is the greatest pleasure.  I can sit at work all day without the excruciating pain in front of the computer   My entire life has changed, thanks to VSI.  I would tell anyone suffering from chronic debilitating pain, thoroughly research every doctor you are considering...but I will always recommend Dr. Good and his team at VSI.