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"My thanks to their professional staff over the years, & to Dr. Jazini for his excellence in evaluation, diagnosis, and surgery." Steve H.

I started having neck and shoulder pain last spring, including loss of strength in my right bicep.  In early summer I opted for an Artificial Disc Replacement with the team at Virginia Spine Institute in hopes of resolving my symptoms and preserving the remaining discs. Although successful, it did not eliminate all the symptoms.  I felt better but still had moderate discomfort and it did not correct the loss of strength in my right bicep.  Dr. Jazini and I met and discussed options.  Through his excellent evaluation and guidance, we agreed upon removal of the artificial disc and a two level fusion.  It was a difficult decision for me because I was hopeful that the initial artificial disc replacement would resolve all symptoms.  Dr. Jazini removed the artificial disc and performed the two level fusion.  Excellent results!  Within a few weeks I had no more shoulder or neck pain and I am steadily improving strength in my right bicep.  I am now at the two month mark and although still a little stiff I believe that will dissipate over the next few months.

Despite artificial disc technology not working for me, I am still hopeful about it's application for others. I am 67 with fair to moderate degeneration of multiple discs and increasing arthritis.  The fusion surgery enabled Dr. Jazini to better access and widen small spaces where nerves exit neck vertebra and free the entrapped nerves leading to my shoulder and upper arm. 

I have been to Virginia Spine Institute for multiple surgeries over the years including both lower back and neck.  I simply would not trust anyone else.  At 67 I am in the gym lifting weights and exercising three times a week, on my boat fishing, and I continue to be an avid bow hunter.  Virginia Spine Institute enables me to continue a happy, active lifestyle and one that I do not wish to give up for many years.  My thanks to several of their doctors and highly professional staff over the past years and, most recently, to Dr. Jazini for his excellence in evaluation, diagnosis and surgery.

Thank you to my team!