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"I can't say enough positive things about my experience with Virginia Spine Institute." Sunny L.

I had the best experience at Virginia Spine Institute. This is perhaps the best medical experience I've ever had. It's exactly what a medical office should be. The entire staff was happy to be working there. That is usually the first thing I notice about a doctors office - the office staff hates their life or their job and lets you know it. I made an online inquiry about scheduling an appointment. Rachel followed up with me the next day on the phone and in an email about scheduling an appointment. I was so happy and grateful they were able to get me in that same day. I was in agonizing pain because of a ruptured disc.

I want to make mention of these people's names, as they were really really helpful for me. When you go into an appointment panicked like I was, it was so refreshing to have this level of professionalism. Melissa took me back to the room and spent so much time with me, getting all of my information. Next Physician Assistant (PA) Lindsay spent the most time with me, listening to my story of why I am in this painful position. Then, medical assistant Steven explained the paperwork and billing. Then PA Thao went into detail about the surgery -- this was the best of all. I completely understood what was going to happen and why. Then Dr. Schuler, where do I start. He was so professional, kind and personal just like the staff. He spent quite a bit of time with me in the office. Finally, James scheduled my surgery for the next morning. Reston Hospital Center is also a good place! 

I can't say enough positive things about my experience with Virginia Spine Institute. This is the last back doctor I will see.

Thank you to my team!