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As I recovered from knee replacement surgery, the more active I became, the more pain I developed in my back. I would guess that within six months of surgery I sought help with my back. Knee replacement surgery changed my gait and transferred more demand on my already arthritic lower spine and SI joint. This pain is a result of increased physical activity. I went to Virginia Spine Institute and began seeing Dr. Bharara. We first tried physical therapy which was minimally effective. We then tried a Radio Frequency Ablation of the SI joint which helped significantly. The relief did not last beyond 2-3 months, however, and the second ablation had the same result. We then turned to medication which has helped to stop my pain and I take it as needed within the doctor's parameters; when I am more active, I take the amount prescribed and when I am less active, I sometimes do not require medication at all.

My experience at Virginia Spine Institute was excellent. My back was fully examined and diagnosed and I have received different treatment options. I was well informed in the treatment plan – continuing with excellent follow-up of medication treatment. All other personnel at Virginia Spine Institute with whom I have dealt are pleasant, kind, and cooperative. Additionally, the ambiance of the clinic is excellent, from interior décor to sparkling cleanliness…and, of course, the delightful suckers that are so readily available!

Back pain is no longer a factor in my life. 

Thank you to my team!