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"Virginia Spine Institute is truly a world-class facility and I am living proof of it!" Tom H. Proud Father


I had suffered through three failed back surgeries before my primary care physician steered me to the wonderful folks at the Virginia Spine Institute.  Up to that point, no spine surgeon had examined my entire back; they simply examined the one area that was hurting at the time.

Upon consulting with Dr. Good, he examined my whole back and identified several issues that he would address in a comprehensive plan for my back. The improvement would be in stages, he said, but it should be permanent. Before each of my surgeries (there were several), Dr. Good would patiently and thoroughly explain everything to my wife and me. He never left an appointment with me until he had answered each and every one of our questions, and we had plenty. He knew that we were concerned and he calmed us down each time.

At one point during the process, I was so stooped that I know I must have looked like I was nearly twice my age. I really did not think I would ever stand up straight again. My daughter would be getting married a year after my last surgery, and it was my hope and prayer that I would be able to walk her down the aisle and dance with her. Dr. Good saw to it that I did just that, and it was one of the happiest days of life.

Now, two years after my last surgery, I am standing up straight with only minor pain in the upper back. I am convinced that even that minor pain will eventually subside. I have no pain in my lower back, which at the time I thought would never be possible, and no pain in my mid-back or in my neck, which to this day I find astounding. I just want the world to know that I have been through about six year of Hell with my back and incredible pain before I found Dr. Good and the Virginia Spine Institute. I cannot tell you how grateful my family and I are. As far as I’m concerned, Virginia Spine Institute is truly a world-class facility and I am living proof of it. My hat is off to each of you, you are all, collectively, the nicest and most professional group I have ever met.

Thank you to my team!