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"My Kudos to Dr. Hasz, a very skilled and personal surgeon. " Tom L. Retired Captain US Navy

For just about a year I experienced pain in both sides of the buttocks, down my legs and into the outer side of the calf and foot. I was diagnosis with lumbar spinal stenosis and symptoms of sciatica. My initial course of treatment was non-surgical pain management which seemed to address the condition for approximately 10 months; with temporary relief for 4-6 week intervals. Each episode the pain returned with more vengeance. Finally, a decision to have spine surgery was the only remaining alternative for permanent relief. Dr. Michael Hasz  thoroughly evaluated my MRI and X-rays and confirmed that in order to correct the spinal stenosis and spondylolisthesis a fusion of the lumbar spine (L4 & L5 vertebrae) and a graft to ease the pinched nerve was the best course of action. Eight days later I underwent a transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion (TLIF).

After surgery all of the pain was immediately gone and I returned to work 10 days later! Post–operative evaluation by Dr. Hasz reflected that my recovery was better and faster than expected.

My Kudos to Dr. Hasz, a very skilled and personal surgeon. Dr. Hasz has a US Air Force background prior to entering private practice. I am a retired senior naval officer/ naval aviator. It “ hurts” me to say the Air force “ dun good.“

From Dr. Hasz: It takes a lot for a navy guy to compliment an air force guy!

Thank you to my team!