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"Over 7,000 miles of travel was well worth it to receive the best spine care in the world from Virginia Spine Institute!" Omar A.

In 2010, on a motocross track in Dubai, Omar experienced a major accident and injured his spine. Two years later he injured the same area during a fall from a horse. After these injuries, Omar started participating in physical therapy to help alleviate his pain and heal his injury. When the pain wasn’t going away, he started to receive spinal injections to help reduce the pain.

After realizing that neither physical therapy nor injections were helping, Omar sought help from doctors outside of Dubai. He saw spinal surgeons from Thailand and Germany, and both said he would need a spinal fusion to heal his injured spine. What worried him was the surgery approach they would be performing - both said his operation would need to be done through a posterior approach (through his back) in order to reach his injured discs. This scared Omar since they would have to work around his spinal nerves, and he was worried about the repercussions if something went wrong. 

Omar decided to do his own extensive research on spinal fusions, and during his search he came across information about the Mazor XTM Stealth Edition. He read that it was the newest advancement in spinal surgery, and that very few surgeons in the world were trained to use this equipment; one of those few surgeons being Dr. Good. With this information, Omar made the decision to travel over 7,000 miles to visit Virginia Spine Institute.

During the initial consultation, Dr. Good diagnosed Omar with spondylolisthesis, spinal stenosis, and radiculopathy. He could see that Omar had a disc herniation, and was feeling the painful symptoms from his spinal stenosis. Dr. Good was able to assure Omar that the spinal fusion he needed could be performed through an anterior (front) approach, called an ALIF, and his spinal nerves could be avoided by doing it this way. Between hearing this news, and building a great relationship with Dr. Good, Omar chose Virginia Spine Institute for his spinal care and surgery. 

After having his fusion surgery with Dr. Good, Omar is on a great path to recovery. While being in the USA for his post-operative appointments, he has been able to get physical therapy through Virginia Therapy & Fitness Center. Once Omar is back home in Dubai, he will continue physical therapy during his recovery. In a few months time, he will come back to the USA to visit Dr. Good to be cleared for unlimited activity. Omar is already looking forward to that visit, and is excited to get back in the gym and to horseback riding.


Dr. Good discusses Omar's medical diagnosis & treatment.



Omar with the Virginia Spine Institute staff that took care of him.



Omar with his physical therapist Paul from Virginia Therapy & Fitness Center.

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