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"Like they say on television, about PGA pro golfers, 'These (VSI) guys are good!!!'" George R. Businessman & Avid Golfer

True Story: After a complex procedure, George is pain- free and standing tall!

I have had some form of back pain for 30 plus years. My daily activities were limited, I could do garden work for five minutes, after which I had to sit for a while.  I played golf, virtually bent over.  I would take four ibuprofen before the round, four more at the 7th hole, four more at the 15th, etc.  I had physical therapy treatments and epidural injections which helped some. Then, an MRI revealed a herniated disc which was removed in 1997 by another spine practice. My back was still causing me pain. At one point, in addition to the pain, my legs began to go numb. An old classmate of Dr. Schuler's referred me to VSI, and I was seen that very day.

My Advice To Someone Suffering From Back And Or/ Neck Pain? GET HELP ... NOW.  One Doesn't Have To Be In Pain Forever.

- George R.

After the normal "steps", i.e. physical therapy, etc., Dr. Schuler decided to fuse L2-L4 (Dec. 2000), and I remember, post surgery, he commented that my bones were very soft.  What neither of us knew, in spite of pre-op investigations, was that the prostate cancer drugs that I was taking, per Johns Hopkins, made me severely osteoporotic. While recovering at home, L-2/L-3 BROKE!  Dr. Schuler was forced to do emergency surgery ... on the very day his first child was born! While in the hospital, I broke again, and after re-construction, I broke yet again, and had rods and hooks "floating" in my back. In November 2001, Dr. Schuler removed the damaged hardware, but I couldn't stand up straight.  And so, in late July, 2002, Dr. Schuler performed a two-day procedure, fusing L2-S1,T5-T7, and fitting rods all the way from S1 to T5. I am now bionic! Of course, I wore a full brace for months, but no more pain, and I stood up straight. People commented that they didn't know I was that tall. I said that I have always been that long, but not that tall!

The rest is history. As is the custom, I retained all the removed titanium from the first four procedures. I asked my colleagues in Shanghai, to locate a titanium golf club manufacturer, and use the surgical titanium to make a club head. That is the golf club head that you see in Dr. Schuler's video: Click Here to Watch!

When I first met Dr. Schuler, he asked me what I wanted if he fixed me. I said that I would like to walk my daughter down the aisle, standing up straight. What else, he asked. Ok, be able to do yard work, etc.  And what else, he asked. Well, I responded, I'd like to be able to play a little golf. "You'll never hit the ball like Tiger", he responded. Well, now I see that he doesn't either!

I am now pain free, stand up straight, and can do virtually anything I want.  The only annoyance is going through security at airports, but the new x-ray machines have helped a lot!  


Thank you to my team!