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"BEFORE I had my back surgery, I was crippled." Wendy B. Horseback Rider

BEFORE I had my back surgery at Virginia Spine Institute, I was crippled. Unless I had a cortisone injection, I couldn't ride my horses at all because I hurt so much. Riding is my passion! I have three great horses: one for dressage, one for eventing and one who should be retired but wants to go to work every day in spite of his old age arthritis, etc (sorta like me). AFTER my surgery,  my back is so improved. I didn't realize that my tense back muscles (due to me trying to prevent my back from moving and hurting) were preventing my horses from moving forward. NOW (post  surgery), I can let my back go and my horses love it! They dance underneath me in a way I never thought possible. My dressage horse, Luminence, is the one who is most improved. Look and see for yourself!


Spinal Champion Wendy is back on her horse after spine surgery! from Virginia Spine Institute on Vimeo.