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"I’ve got big plans for the future now that my pain is gone! " William W. Bricklayer

Somehow I was able to deal with chronic lower back pain for over 20 years. As a bricklayer, I had daily physical demands on my body and had no choice but to push through the pain in order to provide for my family. I was forced to modify my life and I seemed to adapt to the pain. The lower back pain then progressed to numbness in my thigh and a constant burning sensation. At times my symptoms made it difficult or even impossible to walk. Beyond the physical pain I was forced to cut back on simple everyday tasks and that led to putting my hobbies on hold, including golf! To be honest, I adapted so well to the pain and avoided seeking treatment because I was afraid it would lead to spine surgery. But I was wrong...

Finally after decades in pain I decided to get to the root of it and seek treatment. I wanted the best physician and found Virginia Spine Institute after doing extensive research online. I drove an hour across state lines to my initial consultation and exam and was finally, after a long history of symptoms, given a diagnosis of spondylolysis and spondylolisthesis with radiculopathy. VSI instilled confidence in me that my condition could be managed non-operatively through spinal injections. I have to admit, after 20 years in pain I was skeptical. After an epidural and bilateral pars injection, however, I was instantly relieved of the pain in my lower back and leg. I am overwhelmed by the results and am confident I can return to my active lifestyle after two decades of lifestyle modification.


I’ve got big plans for the future now that my pain is gone!