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Dr. Good Warns Of The Dangers Of Nicotine & Your Spine

Authored by Dr. Christopher Good, MD, FACS. March 7, 2016


Part One: Many spinal conditions can be treated non-operatively.
Part Two: If spinal surgery is suggested, it doesn’t automatically require fusion.
Part Three: Spinal fusion may offer a better qualify of life, rather than adapting to the pain.
Part Four: Not all spinal fusions and surgeons are created equal.

Quite simply put, using nicotine is the worst thing you can do to your spine.  Smoking kills the little blood vessels that deliver oxygen to your body causing you to age faster.  Smoking kills your discs causing back pain.  Smoking also increases the receptors in your brain that cause you to feel pain.


Finally, smoking prevents the body from healing and if people use nicotine around the time of surgery, they have much higher rates of wound infection, failure of fusion, medical complications, and chronic pain.  If you are going to have a spine surgery, you need to do everything you can to make it a success.  NOT using nicotine is absolutely the most important thing you can do to help you spine now and in the future.

As we age, most of us want to continue to feel as good as possible, stay active and enjoy our later years.  Smoking causes people to age faster, hurt more, lose function ,and die earlier than they should.

Please, if you are going to do one thing after reading this article, consider quitting.

About The Author

Dr. Christopher Good, MD, FACS

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