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Celebrating Our Physician Assistant, Tracy Perkins

Tracy Perkins joined our VSI team over 10 years ago in 2003. She is our most tenured Physician Assistant and acts as Dr. Hasz's second set of hands. She works side by side him not only in the office seeing patients but also in the operating room where she helps patients navigate their experience at the hospital. Learn about what inspired this former collegiate athlete to become a PA. Tracy, we appreciate you!

When I was very young, I decided that I was going to be a vet and take care of animals. Unfortunately, I was severely allergic to dogs, cats, and anything else that walked on four legs. I quickly became a realist and decided that taking care of humans was a better choice! I entered college on the path to becoming a doctor, but in my second year of school I met a friend who was working to become a PA. This seemed to be a much better fit for me for many reasons, especially the ability to change specialties if I wanted to and the potential for flexibility in starting a family and in just life in general. I liked that PAs focus on patient care and not as much on the business aspects of a practice. My path to becoming a PA included invaluable experience as a medical assistant and EMT, which I still use today. I was also able to train at Yale, one of the best medical schools in the country.

I can easily say that the most rewarding aspect of working at Virginia Spine Institute is the pervasive feeling of "family." I feel this when I talk with my co-workers, patients, or just in an exchanged smile or "hello" walking in the hall past someone I have never even met.  As Dr. Hasz's surgical PA, I get to know our patients and their family even better as they prepare for surgery and go through the recovery process. I have shared many laughs, tears, and hugs with my VSI family over the years. Every patient I see is on a journey to try to feel better, and I feel that it is my job as a PA to be a guide to make their journey as easy as possible. Happy PA Week!


Meet Tracy

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