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Dr. Bharara Makes Headlines with Ingenious Alternative to Surgery

February 08, 2019 in News, Article,
Posted by Niteesh Bharara


Ingenious approach in orthopedics offers heroic new role for ordinary body fat

Dr. Bharara, Washingtonian's 2019 Face of Regenerative Medicine, recently made headlines with a new, ingenious non-operative treatment solution for orthopedic conditions. Individuals suffering from spinal conditions, joint pain, or arthritis (to name a few) now have hope for surgical alternatives in the form of Lipogems injections

Lipogems provide cushioning and structural support to the body’s tissue by utilizing the reparative cells in fat. Fat contains a variety of cells including adipocytes, pericytes, and stem cells, that when utilized in orthopedic medicine, can promote an environment that aids in the repair, replacement, reconstruction, and support of damaged or injured tissues.

"Lipogems offers a different approach for musculoskeletal problems. In years past, we have treated these issues with rest and physical therapy and then, if needed, offered a surgical option. Lipogems fits right in the middle." Dr. Bharara said.

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