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Get to Know Alyssa Randall, VSI’s Nurse Manager!

May 05, 2017 in Article,
Posted by Virginia Spine Institute


In honor of International Nurses Day, we're celebrating our own Nurse Manager, Alyssa Randall! Alyssa seamlessly runs the Pain Management Center of Virginia {affiliated with VSI} and facilitates our doctors in various procedures including spinal injections, RFAs, and stem cellsOur roving reporter caught up with Alyssa to gain a better understand of her responsibilities at Virginia Spine Institute and why she chose to become a nurse. Thanks for all you do, Alyssa! 


get to know alyssa!

Roving Reporter: What made you decide to pursue nursing?

Alyssa: Most importantly, my mother. She has been a cardiac nurse ever since she got out of school and I was exposed to the healthcare field at a very young age. As far back as I can remember, I've heard my mom talk about her job and the different aspects of it and what I most clearly remember is her telling me, day in and day out, how good she felt about making a difference in someone's life that day. Whether or not it was a stressful day, or a busy day, she felt like she made a difference and made someone feel better that day. That was really important to her and overtime I realized that was important to me and I wanted to have a job that made me feel that way too. 

Roving Reporter: What is your favorite aspect of being a nurse?

Alyssa: My favorite aspect of being a nurse is having the potential to make a huge difference in somebody's day. Most of the time patients come to us when they're not at their best, usually when they're at their worst, and we have the power to turn that day around -- whether it's a smile, a joke, a touch on the shoulder, or making them feel better physically. 

Roving Reporter: Why did you choose Virginia Spine Institute?

Alyssa: A couple of things. One thing was that I felt it was a a good place for me to grow professionally. I get challenged day in and day out and I feel like I've become a better nurse here. There's always an opportunity to learn something new, whether it's during a procedure or during our weekly conferences I always am learning something new and I appreciate that. The other thing was that I felt that VSI closely lined up with my values as far as treating patients. They seem to take a more holistic approach to patient care and I feel like that's very important. 

Roving Reporter: What is your favorite thing about working here?

Alyssa: My favorite thing about working here would have to be my coworkers. Since the day I started everybody has been incredibly supportive and willing to help me anytime I needed anything, whether it was just a question or if I needed help with something I was doing that day or I needed an extra set of hands to set up for  procedure. Everybody has been wonderful!

Roving Reporter: Give us a 'day in the life' of a nurse at VSI. What's one thing you'd like a patient to know when they have a procedure here?

Alyssa:  One of my main responsibilities as nurse manager of VSI is to make sure things run smoothly for the patient. Most often I am the first person to greet you after you check in, I bring you to the procedure room, prepare you for the procedure, answer any questions, and make sure you stay safe. One thing I really want patients to know is that I'm here for you. I try my very best to treat the patient how I'd like to be treated if I was in their position. To me, that means making sure you feel comfortable during the entire process and see a friendly face from check in to check out!