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National Physician Assistants Week PA Spotlight: Diana DeWolfe PA-C, MPAS

October 15, 2014 in Article, Awards & Recognition, Operative Care,
Posted by Diana DeWolfe


As National Physician Assistants Week came to a close we were able to catch up with international jet-setting Physician Assistant, Diana DeWolfe. Diana just returned from some time away from her VSI team as she traveled abroad. Today we celebrate, Diana's contributions to our organization for over the past seven years. Prior to joining us, Diana was a Physician Assistant at a family practice. We are fortunate that she has contributed invaluable medical expertise to our team and care and compassion for our patients! Thank you, Diana. 


I knew at just eight years old that I wanted to pursue a career in medicine when my grandparents were involved in a motor vehicle accident. This left my grandmother disabled, requiring extensive rehabilitation. We moved in with her during this time, and I accompanied her at her physical therapy appointments. This left quite the impression on me. I was fascinated by watching the recovery process and developed a desire to make a difference as profound as that in someone’s life. I began my journey by pursuing a career in physical therapy, but found that I wanted to take a different approach and began Physician Assistant (PA) school. My career began in family practice, where I stayed for two years. While this offered diversity in practice, it wasn't exactly fulfilling my passion...

When I began working with Virginia Spine Institute, I found my passion. I am privileged to have the opportunity to walk with our patients down the path of recovery, whether operative or non-operative.

This is my fulfillment!

- Diana DeWolfe, PA-C, MPAS

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