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6 Tips to Avoid Neck and Back Pain this Halloween

October is nearly halfway over and we’re getting ready for Halloween! While the idea of children in costumes and delicious seasonal food seems sweet, decorating and preparing for Halloween can actually be a nightmare. Fear not! We’ve got some tips on ways to avoid back and neck pain so you can do the Monster Mash all night long.

6 Tips to Avoid Neck and Back Pain this Halloween

1. Avoid Excessive Decorating

Reaching to place decorations into every crevice of the house can exacerbate back symptoms and strain the neck. Avoid the hassle all together and spend less time placing ghosts, spider webs, and lights on the roof – focus on porch decorations and get help from your ‘little monsters’!

2. Use Your Legs

Pumpkins come in a variety of sizes but your kids always seem to want the largest one! Make sure you use your legs and avoid twisting your spine when picking up the pumpkin or ask for assistance. 

3. Plan Ahead

There’s a lot that goes into decorating for Halloween and executing costumes. Take time to plan what you would like to accomplish, stores you need to go to, and help you may need to get it all done! Avoid the last minute hustle that causes more stress and tension on the back and give yourself a few extra days. 

4. The Best Costume is Practicality

There are plenty of great costumes out there, but that doesn’t mean they’re good for you. Be sure to pick a costume that is lightweight and comfortable so you don’t place unnecessary pressure on your spine. Wear properly-fitted shoes with good grip support for the long night spent trick or treating.

5. Keep Monsters Off Your Back

Halloween is a long night for kids, but putting them on your shoulders ends up hurting you in the long run! Avoid carrying your children and putting pressure on your neck and back – instead, plan a manageable route so your kids have enough energy to get through each house AND make it home.

6. Don’t Become the Couch

Maybe a scary movie marathon is more up your alley, but be careful not to stay slumped on the couch for hours at a time. Take a popcorn break and make sure to get up, walk around, and stretch in between movies!

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