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VSI Scoliosis Patient’s Success Story Featured on WUSA9

Virginia Spine Institute patient, 59-year old Barbara Jones tells her story on WUSA9. She has dealt with scoliosis as a young child through adulthood. She underwent spine surgery at age 15 with Harrington rods. She recently developed a pain flair that persisted 24-7. She sought the advice of scoliosis expert Dr. Good and learned she had advanced surgical options to resolve her pain and improve her spinal condition. Through a modern approach, robot-guided spine surgery, Barbara is back to living her active life! 

Watch below as Spine Surgeon Dr. Good discusses Barbara Jones' medical diagnosis and the most advanced and effective treatment option he chose to resolve her pain and improve her quality of life, safely and effectively! After undergoing a scoliosis surgery (fused multiple levels of her thoracic spine) as a teenager, the levels below her spinal fusion developed a complicated situation where the discs began to wear and tear and the spine started to twist causing the scoliosis. She also developed a pinched nerve and the ability to stand up straight. Dr. Good performed scoliosis reconstructive surgery with an Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion (ALIF).

Three Medical Goals for Barbara's Spine Surgery:

1. Unpinch the nerves to stop nerve damage
2. Fix the spinal instability
3. Realign her spine so she can stand up straight

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