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Sizzling Burns

November 12, 2017

Thanksgiving is just a few days away and we want to make sure you are safe this holiday season with a five part series of how to avoid common Thanksgiving Day injuries. While Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to share with family, it can also have inherent hidden dangers. We want you to stay safe this year in whatever you do: whether you are braving the airports and flying across country, hauling a heavy turkey in and out of the oven, dodging gravy burns, carving meat wielding a finger-reducing knife, or tackling cousins at your annual family  flag football game, we want your festive cheer to last!

For Part 1, please click here


A 25 pound, oven-fresh turkey (combined with piping hot gravy) make for an excellent recipe for burns. Try these 5 tips this Thanksgiving and avoid the painful hassle of burns!

  1. Avoid wearing lose clothes to prevent dangling sleeves from catching fire.
  2. Keep pot handles away from the front edge to reduce the risk of knocking pots over
  3. Use pot-handles when moving.
  4. Use precaution when lifting the turkey out of the oven.
  5. Keep an ABC-rated fire extinguisher nearby.

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