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We pride ourselves at being the leading national experts in the complete array of non-operative and operative spinal treatments to benefit our patients. Our goal is to reserve surgical options only when it is absolutely indicated and appropriate. Surgical correction must take into account the patient’s medical and surgical history, existing spine pathology, and what symptoms need to be addressed. Our surgeons tailor their surgical decision making process to each unique patient and their specific spinal pathology. We provide comprehensive spinal care and take great strides to educate our patients on their spine disease and discuss multiple surgical options thoroughly. A comprehensive medical history and physical exam, combined with necessary imaging allow us to provide patients with the choices necessary to successfully manage their condition in the simplest and safest fashion. Patient education is critical to understand reasonable post-operative expectations.

We often see patients who have had a previous failed spinal surgery. Unfortunately, this means that at times patients that undergo surgery do not always have the optimal results or resolution of symptoms. Choosing the most accurate option for our patients is critical for success. Advancements in technology have reduced unsuccessful outcomes from surgery and allow us to offer the best possible care. There is an array of surgical approaches available to treat spinal disease however, some surgeons are not well versed in surgical techniques and are not current with new technology; therefore, they do not consider all appropriate treatment paths for patients. This may stem from a limited training in surgical options, failure to evolve surgical skills, professional bias, or a lack of understanding of true comprehensive care.

Our expertise in spinal healthcare allows us to provide corrective surgery options to patients who seek treatment from a prior failed spine surgery. Corrective surgery is much more difficult than a primary surgery; therefore it is important to understand the challenges in obtaining the desired surgical outcome once a failed surgery has been performed and to meet patient expectations after a long emotional and physical journey to recovery. The vast majority of surgeons are not willing to take on complex corrective operations; this is multi-factorial and may be due to financial reimbursement reasons, high-risk surgery, and lack of skill. We also understand how frustrating and emotionally devastating it can be to have suffered through a failed spine surgery. We are committed to quality, and are dedicated to work diligently with our patients to help them reclaim their life to the best of our ability. Our patients are educated on their disease and surgical options with reasonable post-operative expectations. If you have suffered through a failed spine surgery, you are not alone. We are here to provide hope and a second chance at relieving your pain.

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