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Athletic And Sports-Related Injuries

Since 1992, Virginia Spine Institute has been the area's leader in treating sports injuries for people of all athletic abilities. From elite professional athletes to amateur sports enthusiasts, we offer the same quality treatment for athletic injuries to ensure a full recovery and a prompt return to the sport or athletic activity.

Spinal Care for Athletes of All Abilities

The Virginia Spine Institute is dedicated to providing care for all ability levels, including the pros. In 1993 we began our relationship with the Washington Redskins as their spinal consultants. In 2013 we were recognized as the "Official Specialists of the Washington Redskins." We continue to provide the highest level of comprehensive spine care for current and retired Redskins players and the sports injuries they struggle with.

In addition to our role for the Redskins, we have aided Olympians, college athletes, amateur athletes, high school athletes and weekend warriors who are struggling with injuries or who wish to optimize their abilities. No matter the skill level, each patient receives the same quality, professional and personalized care.

Common Injuries for Athletes

At Virginia Spine Institute, we specialize in treating injuries to the spine, neck and back, although we assist with other sports injuries as well. While athletes can injure many areas of their bodies, some of the most common injuries we see include:

  • Soft Tissue Injuries — Muscle strains and ligament sprains are caused by athletic overuse or poor conditioning and body mechanics. A period of rest followed by medication and exercise is often the best treatment. Athletes can benefit from learning proper alignment and body mechanics to avoid re-injury.
  • Disc Problems — Disc problems, such as slipped disks, are often seen in athletes who regularly twist and hyperextend their spines. Rest, medication, ice and exercises to strengthen the spine and trunk can help with this problem.
  • Back and Neck Stingers — Stingers describe the painful electrical sensations that spread down an arm because of a spine or neck injury. This requires proper treatment to avoid recurrence although it may resolve by itself.

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Patient Testimonials

  • The surgery with Dr. Good saved my life!- Emily S.

    - Emily S.
    Energetic Adventurer