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Real Help for Those Suffering from Neck Pain

Caused by everything from athletic injuries to pinched nerves to osteoporosis, neck pain is a serious problem for many. Ongoing tightness, radiating pain down arms and legs, regular headaches, and difficulty completing daily tasks — all of these symptoms can directly relate to an issue with the neck. At Virginia Spine Institute, we believe in taking action to dramatically improve these ongoing frustrations. As a leading, nationally recognized specialized medical practice, we offer spinal health care that demonstrates the latest advances in pain management, physical therapy, non-operative and operative-neck treatments. What’s more? Through our nearly 25 years in practice, we’ve already helped more than 60,000 patients find lasting pain relief. So when you come to us, you know there’s one thing you can count on — you’ve got the support of experts who can improve your life through the kind of care that makes a real difference.

Operative Care for Neck CONDITIONS at Virginia Spine Institute

As specialists committed to innovative care that frees patients from ongoing discomfort, Virginia Spine Institute offers a multitude of surgical neck procedures. While we don’t believe surgery is always the answer — and, in fact, the majority of our patients are successfully treated without it — we use these procedures when they are the best medical option for our patients.

Operative neck treatment options we perform include:
Why Come to Virginia Spine Institute?

Chronic neck pain is too serious of an issue to overlook — one that nobody should have to live with for long. That’s why at Virginia Spine Institute, we offer the best in specialized care. Unlike a lot of other centers, our team is solely dedicated to the treatment of spinal conditions, all at one centralized location in Reston, Virginia. This enables us to offer our patients specialized support for everything from acute neck pain to long standing arthritis and debilitating neck pain, radiculopathy and spinal deformity conditions. 

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