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May 29, 2018 in Articles, News



The physical therapists at Virginia Therapy and Fitness Center have all been trained through an accredited manual therapy curriculum. Whether you are overcoming an injury, recovering after surgery, or looking to resolve that nagging pain, we'll get you back to the life you love! At Virginia Therapy & Fitness Center we're more than a physical therapy practice. Our total wellness model focuses on whole-body functionality, treating beyond symptoms and promoting long term benefits. Voted as Virginia Living Magazine's 'Top Physical Therapy Practice' in the Northern Virginia Area, find out how our award-winning Licensed Physical Therapists can provide customized treatment plans that get you back to a healthy lifestyle faster. 

In our new state-of-the-art facility, patients can experience: 

orthopedic manual physical therapy 
The physical therapists at Virginia Therapy and Fitness Center have all been trained through an accredited manual therapy curriculum and teach skills to other physical therapists across the country. 


aquatic therapy
Water serves as a highly effective, nearly weightless environment that offers the ability to improve strength, flexibility, and function in a to progress in recovery.

massage therapy
Therapeutic massage targets the muscular system and soft tissues of the body to enhance health, promote healing, restore movements, and improve function. 


laser therapy
Laser therapy is a proven, non-invasive technique that applies a therapeutic dose of light to injured or dysfunctional tissue to reduce inflammation and provide lasting pain relief.


Rehabilitative Training

Virginia Therapy & Fitness Center offers individualized and affordable personal training for those looking to improve their strength, posture, and overall wellness.

group fitness classes
Virginia Therapy & Fitness Center offers a judgment-free zone where you'll find like-minded individuals working hard to improve core and posture stability, strengthen muscles, and listen to their bodies.


nutrition coaching
Nutrition coaching is designed to help you implement small lifestyle changes through education and coaching in order to achieve weight loss, maintenance, or weight gain goals.