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Sports Performance Program—Your Missing Link to Playtime?

February 02, 2017 in Articles, News
Posted by Carrie Seifert


PIP, or performance and injury prevention programs, are designed to teach athletes, both young and aging, how to move more efficiently no matter which sport they compete. By learning more effective training techniques, athletes can enhance their performance, avoid injury, and sustain the demands sports may put on their bodies. The level of athletic competition does not matter, as PIP can be customized for recreational athletes or those competing at an athlete level. Baseline tests are conducted during the first session and are repeated throughout a program to ensure all athletes can track their training results!

Benefits of PIP:
  1. Injury prevention
  2. Understanding of basic body mechanics
  3. Agility improvements
  4. Increased mobility with stretching

Looking to improve the results of your athletic team? Schedule a 6-week PIP Program with Carrie! Each session focuses on running and jumping mechanics, balance and core development, agility, and mobility training. For more information or to schedule team PIP training call 703.709.1116.

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