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Life has many challenges as it is. In order to protect your spine, it is important to know how to use your back safely in all of life's circumstances. Educate yourself about ways to protect your spine and stay safe in whatever activities you do. 

Dr. Schuler Outlines Four Ways to Protect Your Spine. Stay tuned below as well for our other sections to keep you living safely and hopefully pain-free!


Are you slouched over at your desk? Take our Posture Advice and sit your best at work and at home. 

Do you suffer from back pain during Pregnancy? You're not alone. Learn how best to handle pregnancy related back pain. 

Are you lifting properly? Don't injure yourself; Proper Lifting saves your back. 

Master these Seasonal Tips to protect your spine. 

Is your workplace set up best for your spine? Prevention is key. Improve Ergonomics where you work for more pain-free days.