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Modernizing Spine Surgery

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Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery

The spine surgeons at Virginia Spine Institute are on the forefront of minimally invasive procedures that protect healthy tissue and maintain the normal structure of the spine. Compared to the more ‘traditional’ spine surgery which involves a larger incision, minimally invasive procedures use advanced imaging techniques and specialized medical equipment to separate (rather than cut) muscles and tissues.

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Spinal Fusion

A fusion is a surgical technique that involves eliminating the motion in between vertebrae by “welding” the bones together. By fusing the bones together, they heal into a single, solid unit. A fusion procedure may be recommended to eliminate painful motion, restore your alignment or posture, or provide stability to your spine. In certain cases, your surgeon may perform a laminectomy in addition to the fusion procedure if you have leg symptoms such as pain and numbness. Our goal is to identify that your degenerative disc is the cause of your ongoing symptoms. Fusion surgery is one way to treat your symptoms.

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Scoliosis & Deformity Correction

Minimally invasive techniques use advanced imaging and specialized medical equipment to correct the abnormal curvature of the spine. Surgical tools that we can use may include robotic guidance, stealth navigation, ultrasonic or laser cutting devices.

The goal of spinal reconstruction surgery is to decrease the patient’s pain and to place the spine in a more natural position. This can be accomplished using minimally invasive robot-guided spine surgery which allows our surgeons to precisely create and plan a blueprint for surgery before stepping foot in the operating room.

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Additional Surgeries

While Virginia Spine Institute surgeons do all they can to avoid surgery, sometimes surgery is needed to treat a patient’s specific condition.

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Technology In Surgery

Technology in spine surgery is a game changer for millions of patients suffering from neck or back conditions. These advancements allow Virginia Spine Institute surgeons the ability to perform less invasive surgical procedures with smaller incisions, less operative bleeding, faster recovery time and shorter hospital stays.

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Surgical Recovery

There are many steps involved in recovering after your spinal surgery.  We hope you find this information helpful. Your questions are important to us and we hope this packet will make you feel more comfortable with expectations, restrictions and ways you can help yourself have the most successful surgical outcome. Please read this before your pre-operative visit so we may address any questions. Please share this information with family or friends that will be helping to care for you.

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Artificial Disc Replacement

Virginia Spine Institute is at the forefront of disc replacement surgery to help patients overcome neck and back conditions while preserving the natural motion of the spine. Disc replacement can be an alternative to spinal fusion or used in combination as a hybrid surgery. Disc replacement is a modern spine surgery that involves less recovery time and preserves motion than a traditional spinal fusion. This spine surgery technique is similar to the concept of a knee or hip replacement.

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Meet Our Spine Surgeons

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Hear From Our Patients

“I chose to make the 10 hour trip to Virginia Spine Institute because I was unable to get any positive responses locally.”

– Crystal S.

“Virginia Spine Institute didn’t tell me what I wouldn’t be able to do, they told me what I could do.”

– Abby B.

“Over 7,000 miles of travel was well worth it to receive the best spine care in the world from Virginia Spine Institute!”

– Omar A.

“Nine weeks after surgery, I have hiked over 100 miles, and all of it over 8000 ft!”

– Marc W.

“I went home just four days after major surgery. I was even able to come off all pain medications within days!”

– Christian R.

“I went back to work in 5 ½ weeks, was able to begin therapy and exercise on schedule, and left a ton of pain in the “rearview mirror!”

– George B.

“I can’t say enough positive things about my experience with Virginia Spine Institute. This is the last back doctor I will see!”

– Sunny B.

“Being able to return to life, it’s the best thing in the world!”

– Robin S.


– Aaron D.

“My only regret is that I didn’t have spine surgery years ago. It has literally changed my life.”

– Amelia B.

“You don’t realize how much pain you’re in until you don’t have any.”

– Tommy W.

“My first appointment with Dr. Haines changed my entire life!”

– Jaime M.

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