Aquatic Therapy

Healing waters: pain relief and increased mobility

Since water serves as a highly effective, nearly weightless environment it is often one of the first steps in rehabilitation for post-surgical patients or patients suffering from an injury. Aquatic therapy has the ability to improve strength and flexibility, helping patients achieve their goals faster. VSI Physical Therapy is proud to offer the only HydroWorx underwater treadmill in Northern Virginia.

Rest assured, your on-site aquatic therapy appointments are still one-on-one with the guidance of your physical therapist. Using the HydroWorx 300 allows your physical therapist to customize your treatment to your needs – even underwater!

Aquatic Therapy at VSI Physical Therapy

The aquatic environment provides a weightless environment that allows our patients to perform weight-bearing exercises without significant impact on their spine or joints.

Your physical therapist will customize your experience by monitoring the depth, temperature, and resistance of the water. This allows us to increase the difficulty over time as your body adjusts and gets stronger.

Starting in an underwater environment allows patients to perform range of motion exercise they may not be ready to perform safely on land. Your physical therapist will develop your plan of care to safely transition from the HydroWorx 300 to land-based rehabilitation and exercises.

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Conditions Treated Using Aquatic Therapy

At VSI Physical Therapy, we use aquatic therapy to treat these and other conditions:

  • Arthritis
  • Arthroscopic Surgery Rehabilitation
  • Lower Extremity Ligamentous Injuries
  • Lumbar Spine Surgery Rehabilitation
  • Hip Surgery Rehabilitation
  • Knee Surgery Rehabilitation
  • Ankle Surgery Rehabilitation
  • Foot Surgery Rehabilitation
  • Fractures of the Lower Extremity (hip, knee, leg, ankle/foot)
  • Balance disorders
  • Bursitis
  • Some Neurological Conditions
  • Chronic pain
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aquatic therapy
aquatic therapy
aquatic therapy
aquatic therapy
aquatic therapy
aquatic therapy
aquatic therapy
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Living Life Again

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At VSI, we celebrate every patient’s unique journey as a series of victories, regardless of how big or small. Our logo and brand were crafted for you, our incredible patients. Your progress towards your goals deserves the spotlight, reflecting our commitment to individualized treatment and care. Your Victories are what make VSI who we are! #MyVictoryStory

Frequently Asked Questions about Aquatic Therapy

  • Many patients wear bathing suits, but any clothes that you don’t mind getting wet are acceptable. Some patients wear shorts/compression shorts and t-shirts/sports bras.  
  • Most patients are comfortable being barefoot in the aquatic treadmill, but some wear aquatic shoes. Shoes with laces of any kind are not allowed in the aquatic treadmill.  
  • Towels will be provided but if you prefer to bring your own, you’re more than welcome to.  
  • The locker rooms are adjacent to the aquatic treadmill.  Private showers are available in the locker rooms for patients to use after aquatic treadmill use.
  • It is also recommended to bring a change of clothes and toiletries that you may use after your aquatic therapy session.

  • VSI Physical Therapy sessions in the aquatic treadmill are typically 60-minute sessions.  Our physical therapy staff can work with patients if they are not able to be in the aquatic treadmill for the full hour.  Some patients benefit from a mixed therapy session where they are in the aquatic treadmill for half the session and treated on a treatment table for half the physical therapy session.  

See if Aquatic Therapy is right for you!