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VSI Regenerative Medicine

Keeping Spines in Motion

The human body was designed to move, and as spine specialists, preserving that motion in the spine whenever we can is inherently beneficial. Your spine is a series of segments that move with one another. When one doesn’t move as well, the others have to compensate and work harder. Our goal for every patient is to preserve as much movement in your spine as possible – using disc replacement surgery, regenerative medicine, and other minimally invasive surgeries we preserve and restore natural motion in the spine while resolving pain.

Physical Therapy
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Artificial Disc Replacement

This motion-preserving spine surgery technique combined with advanced technology offers a more effective treatment option than ever available in the past.

Regenerative Medicine
Regenerative Medicine

Utilize your body’s natural healing process to rebuild damaged tissue, heal injuries and eliminate pain – without medication or surgery.

Motion Preservation
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Hybrid Spine Surgery

Hybrid spine surgery combines spinal fusion and artificial disc replacement operations to stabilize, or align, one or more levels while preserving motion at the adjacent levels.

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Benefits of

Motion Preservation

  • Improving range of motion
  • More effective treatment options 
  • Receive the most customize solutions
  • Increased functionality and range of motion
  • Faster recovery times

Leaders in

Motion-Preserving Surgery

VSI is at the forefront of minimally-invasive disc replacement surgery. This groundbreaking surgical method and advanced technology allow us to offer more effective treatment options than available in the past. 

Artificial disc replacements provide the benefits of improving range of motion and flexibility after surgery and potentially decrease the risk for additional issues and surgeries in the future.

Motion Preservation

Let Us Help You Discover the Benefits
Of Motion Preservation