Regenerative Medicine Recovery

Regenerative Medicine procedures are outpatient procedures that utilize your body’s natural healing process to rebuild damaged tissue, heal injuries more effectively and eliminate pain. It targets the underlying source of pain without relying on medication and surgery. This leads to increased function and mobility – and a recovery period that is much shorter than surgical options.

Recovery after Regenerative Medicine Procedures

While regenerative medicine procedures have varying recovery timelines, across the board the recovery from these treatments is far less than recovery from surgery.

PRP is the least invasive procedure since it is a simple blood draw, so it has the least amount of recovery time. For PRP injections, your post-procedure pain will resolve in about three to seven days – we recommend you take it easy for a couple of weeks, and then gradually get back into your normal routine.

Stem cell or microfragmented adipose procedures have a slightly longer recovery time since we have to harvest these cells either from your hip bone or fat cells. On average, the harvest and injection site will remain sore for about 7-10 days. We recommend light activity for the first few weeks, followed by physical therapy and your normal daily activities.

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Once you’ve received a regenerative medicine procedure, it will still take time before you notice the benefits of pain relief. While everyone’s body is different, most patients can expect to feel pain relief as little as six weeks after their regenerative medicine treatment. 

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Post Procedure Rehab

At VSI, we can’t stress enough how important post-procedural physical therapy is for promoting healing and setting you up for a successful recovery. We’ve worked with our physical therapy team at VSI Physical Therapy for years to create the best recovery plan for patients who have been treated with regenerative medicine.  

Almost immediately after a procedure (once any incisions or entry points have healed) you can start aquatic therapy, which will allow your body to experience a nearly weightless environment that offers the ability to improve strength, flexibility, and function to progress recovery. Gradually, you will progress into an exercise routine within your physical therapy plan of care. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Regenerative Medicine Recovery

After a regenerative procedure, you can expect to have restrictions on bending, lifting and twisting as well as avoiding anti-inflammatory medication for a period of time.

Stem cell injections are designed to heal and strengthen damaged tissue. Because of this, pain relief is seen approximately 6-12 weeks after the entire treatment protocol has been completed, and will continue to improve for approximately 1 year.

On average, most patients start to see signs of improvement in the form of reduced pain or increased function within two to eight weeks. The timeframe for experiencing results is dependent upon the area and extent of the injury. Continuing a well-designed course of physical therapy and avoidance of aggressive physical activity or overloading the injected tissues is advised in the weeks that follow the injections.

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