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Artificial Disc Replacement

Motion Preserving Option For Spine Surgery

Artificial Disc Replacement is a procedure that involves replacing a degenerative disc that is causing your symptoms.

Types of Artificial Disc Replacement

Anterior Cervical Disc Replacement (ACDR)

In your neck, it is not uncommon for your discs to become degenerative due to injury or the normal aging process. A cervical artificial disc replacement is a minimally invasive procedure that removes the degenerative disc in your neck and replaces it with specialized, artificial disc technology.


Lumbar Disc Replacement

As we age or experience an injury, the discs in our lower back can become worn or damaged. By having a lumbar artificial disc replacement, we can remove this disc in your back, and replaces it with specialized, artificial disc technology.


Hybrid Cervical Spine Surgery

An innovative procedure that combines the stability of a traditional spinal fusion with the mobility granted with an artificial disc replacement. Created to resolve the pain and tingling/numbness associated with disc disease. The spinal surgeons at Virginia Spine Institute were the first in the Nation to perform this surgery.


Conditions that Benefit from Artificial Disc Replacement

While artificial disc replacement cannot treat spinal instability, it may be performed to treat the following conditions:

Benefits of Artificial Disc Replacement

Artificial disc replacement has emerged as an alternative to spinal fusion for many patients with painful discs or nerve symptoms. This surgical option provides relief without compromising the spine’s natural anatomical structure.

  • Less invasive surgical option with a faster recovery
  • Provides motion preservation
  • Helps to decrease stress on the other disc levels in your spine

Artificial Disc Replacement FAQs

Why would I want an artificial disc replacement?

This technology preserves motion which decreases stress on the other disc levels in your spine. There is hope to avoid more surgery down the road if your other disc levels could be preserved.

How is an artificial disc replacement performed?

The degenerative disc is usually accessed by a minimally invasive approach to the front of the spine. The disc and bone spurs are removed to take pressure off the spinal cord and nerves. The surgeon will then choose the appropriate sized implant to place in the space that fits your spinal anatomy.

How long is the recovery from an artificial disc replacement?

Since these surgeries are performed in a minimally invasive fashion, most patients have a reasonably quick recovery. Most patients are up walking immediately, the same day of surgery.

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