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Posterior Instrumented Fusion (PIF)

A posterior instrumented fusion involves the placement of screws and rods. This can be done for interbody fusion or for deformity surgery such as scoliosis or kyphosis.  With this procedure, innovative technology can be utilized which allows your surgeon to visualize the placement of hardware during the procedure. This provides for increased precision and accuracy of screw placement and less soft tissue cutting.

Benefits of Posterior Instrumented Fusion (PIF)

  • Can be performed in a minimally invasive fashion using technologies like robotic or stealth navigation
  • Increased stability for fusion surgery
  • Used to correct spinal deformities

Posterior Instrumented Fusion FAQs

What type of technology is used for a PIF?

Currently, both robotic and navigation technologies are being utilized. Robotic assisted surgery allows for your surgeon to be more precise and accurate while placing instrumentation. Navigational technology allows for your surgeon to visualize the instrumentation while it is being placed. As with all fields, new and innovative technology is always being implemented. Technology such as virtual augmentation is upcoming!

Is a PIF minimally invasive?

Yes, a percutaneous PIF is minimally invasive, muscle sparing procedure as the muscles are separated along natural tissue lines.

What is the hardware made of?

Typically, hardware is made of mostly titanium. However, in certain cases like scoliosis surgery, other metals like stainless steel and cobalt chrome may be used.

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