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What We Treat

Spine, Orthopedic, and Neurological Conditions

Conditions We Treat

Neck Pain & Conditions

Neck and arm injuries, and chronic neck and arm pain can get in the way of an active lifestyle. Depending on your level of pain, you may have trouble driving a car or even typing on a keyboard. These aches can be brought about by any number of factors, both external and internal. It’s important to listen to the cues your body provides about where the pain lies, how severe it is, how long it lasts, and how frequently it recurs. If the problem does not require immediate medical attention, monitor your symptoms so you can share them with a medical professional as soon as you can get seen for an appointment.

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Back Pain & Conditions

80% of the adult population will experience back pain in their lifetime. Many people go through life thinking that having back pain is ‘normal’ and they just have to accept it. At the Virginia Spine Institute, our spinal specialists have the experience and knowledge to help our patients understand that they do not have to live this way. We want to build a relationship with our patients and discuss their activity level and goals. Patients can be frustrated when they simply go through physical therapy and take some medications and do not seem to improve. It takes a spinal specialist to be able to interpret a patient’s history, physical examination, and diagnostic images to understand where the back pain is coming from. Let us help you determine the cause of your back pain, and improve your quality of life!

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Radiating Pain & Numbness

Nerve symptoms can be an alarming experience for patients. They can include pain, numbness, tingling, weakness, or a heaviness feeling in the arms or legs. Sometimes these symptoms could be a sign of nerve damage. We take this seriously and want patients to seek medical attention. The longer symptoms persist without medical treatment could affect a patient’s ability to recover and have the symptoms resolve. Even if you think your symptoms are mild, we encourage that you have an evaluation before they could progress and turn into something more serious. A thorough examination and consultation with a spinal specialist can be critical to finding the right diagnosis.

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Scoliosis & Spinal Deformities

The human spine has natural curves that work together to allow a person to stand up straight and tall. There are four different curves, two lordotic and two kyphotic curves that alternate to create an “S” like shape. Scoliosis and other spinal deformities are when there is an abnormality within the balance of these natural curves. These types of spinal deformities can significantly interfere with a patient’s quality of life. Below are some of the scoliosis and spinal deformities our spinal specialists at the Virginia Spine Institute evaluate and treat.

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Failed Prior Spine Surgery

Patients who have been dealing with chronic neck or low back pain often are relieved after finally deciding to move forward with spinal surgery. Every patient’s hope is to have that “one and done” procedure that resolves all symptoms. Unfortunately, many patients that we see at the Virginia Spine Institute have had an outside surgery and not achieved their expected goal or return to their quality of life. Our job as spinal specialists is to educate each patient about their specific spinal issues and review all treatment options available. Sometimes for those that have failed prior spinal surgery that may involve another surgical procedure. See below to learn more about why our center may be the best location to treat your prior failed spinal surgery.

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Orthopedic Conditions

At the Virginia Spine Institute, we believe in treating the whole body. Most patients have multiple conditions that are going on at the same time and we believe they should not be overlooked. Our success in treating the patient comes with the fact that we perform a thorough examination and utilize our comprehensive specialists to treat all the conditions that we identify. While we can focus on the spine, we find that there are orthopedic conditions that can contribute to a patient’s symptoms. For example, while a patient is suffering from a pinched nerve in the neck, it is not uncommon to find a rotator cuff tear or carpal tunnel that is part of the issue as well. We prefer to be treating all the conditions at the same time to give the patient the complete relief one is looking for. Whether it be a shoulder, knee, or hip problem, we also are experts in treating these conditions in a non-surgical focus. If you are looking for symptom relief from your orthopedic condition, please make an appointment with our non-surgical pain specialists.

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Neurological Conditions

The nervous system can be a complex and confusing part of your body. It includes the brain, the spinal cord, the muscles, and all the nerves connecting them. A problem with any part of this pathway can cause you to have neurologic symptoms, which can include weakness in the arms or legs, numbness and pain in the arms or legs, headaches, confusion, nausea, vomiting, abnormal movements like tremors, and even difficulty with speech, language, and vision. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, please call to schedule an evaluation with our neurologist, who will perform a detailed history and physical examination. With these tools, we can often help determine if the problem is in the brain, spinal cord, muscles, or connections between these parts of the nervous system. Extra testing, such as with MRI or EMG, might be necessary to help make a diagnosis and get you the treatment you need.

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